5 Best PSP Android Emulators Similar to PPSSPP 2023

5 Best PSP Emulators for Android

Anyone and everyone who loves playing PSP video games are well aware of the fact that PSP emulators have replaced the old version of the PSP console. If you have not enjoyed PSP video games due to the unavailability of the PlayStation Portable, you would be better off starting with a PSP emulator.

If you are not aware of the concept “Emulators”, let me guide you about the basics of PSP emulators.

What are Emulators?

Emulator is a computer system (hardware or software) that is allowed to emulate the computer program of another system. The former computer system is termed as “the host” while the latter one is “the guest”. In a nutshell, the guest allows the host to run software designed for its own use. Emulator allows you to run those apps that are designed for another device. So, those who are unable to play PSP videogames due to the unavailability of PlayStation on their devices can benefit from newly designed technology known as PSP emulators.

PPSSPP Gold is one of the best emulators for the PSP games I have tried so far. It is easy to use with outstanding performance. Its only drawback is it ads-supported version. Its paid ad-free version is the best one. Now, we discuss the best emulators of all time that are similar to PPSSPP.

5. Rocket PSP Emulator

Rocket PSP Emulator is one of the best PSP emulators other than PPSSPP. This amazing PSP emulator was offered by Emul World Ltd and was released on Feb 27, 2016. Since its release, it has been downloaded over 1M+ times only from the play store by Android users. I have played over 200 PSP games using this emulator and it did an amazing job.

Rocket PSP Emulator is completely free and open source. It offers a large number of features like smooth gameplay, good graphics, and no bugs that distinguish it from other PSP emulators. Rocket PSP Emulator is easy to use both for novice players and skilled users of PSP Emulators. It gives you a sense of an entirely new gameplay experience by eliminating blurriness and inhuman sounds. The images and sounds are crisp and clear.

4. RetroArch

Retroarch is really a great emulator. The emulator supports both the touch screen and mouse with a great user experience. Retroarch also supports third-party controllers if you don’t like mouse and touch control.


Just like PPSSPP Retroarch is also totally free and open source. It was developed and offered by Liberto and uses the Liberto interface. It can run on Linux, macOS, Windows, PlayStations, iOS, Android, etc. This emulator has been downloaded over 1M+ times on the play store since its release on Jan 2, 2014 but unfortunately has a below 4.0/5.0 rating which is a concerning point.

3. Rapid PSP

Rapid PSP Emulator

Rapid PSP emulator is another completely free PlayStation Portable Emulator. It can emulate any PSP game similar to that of the original console. The most distinguishing features of this emulator include:

  • Ability to emulate maximum PSP games
  • Perfectly optimized gameplay
  • Perfect sound quality

Since its release on Aug 26, 2016, it has been downloaded over 500,000+ times on the play store. It was developed and offered by Capital Apps Development.

2. Enjoy PSP Emulator

In addition to Rocket PSP Emulator, Enjoy PSP emulator is another open-source emulator presented by Emul world ltd. Since its release on Nov 26, 2015, it has been downloaded over 500,000+ times and is available on the play store with an average rating of 3.5+/5.0

Some distinguishing features of this emulator are

  • Awesome graphics design
  • Compatible with a large number of PSP games
  • Good quality sound
  • You can save and resume the game where you leave off
  • Outstanding performance
  • Smooth gaming experience with full speed

1. Lemuroid

Lemuroid is also an open-source and completely free emulator, based on Libretro. You can enjoy any PSP game without being interrupted by the ads. It was offered by Filippo Scognamiglio. Since its release on Jan 21, 2020, it has been downloaded over 1M+ times only from the play store.

Features of Lemuroid

  • Multiplatform ( multiple games in one app)
  • Customization by touch control
  • Save and resume the game states automatically
  • Completely free without ads
  • Perfect optimization
  • Cloud save
  • Easy to set and use
  • Best alternative to PPSSPP And Retroarch


These are some of the best emulators that you can try as an alternative to PPSSPP Gold and Blue version. They might have some limitations compared to PPSSPP but all are worth giving a try.


Are there any good PSP emulators?

PPSSPP Gold, RetroArch, Lemuroid, Enjoy PSP and Rapid PSP are some of the best PSP emulators available as of now to enjoy your favorite PSP games.

What is the No.1 PSP Game in the world?

One of the most played and sold games on the PSP is Grand-Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Developed by Rockstar games GTA: Libery City Stories was launched on October 24, 2005, and over 8 million units worldwide were sold.

Which is best free PSP Emulator available?

PPSSPP Blue is without any doubt one of the most used, highly rated, and recommended PSP Emulators available for free.

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