Best Settings for PPSSPP on Android to Improve Performance (Working Methods) 2023

PPSSPP Gold also formally known as PPSSPP is a popular Emulator that allows PSP games lovers to play PSP and PS2 games on their Android Phones. However, because of the hardware compatibilities of low-end devices, many users face some performance issues while running large-size games. The main reason behind this is the wrong Settings of the PPSSPP emulator set by users on their android devices. In this article, we will discuss the best settings for PPSSPP on Android to help you level up your gaming experience.

Before we discuss the best setting for PPSSPP, first let’s understand some basics of the PPSSPP emulator.

What is PPSSPP?

PPSSPP is an open-source emulator that enables users to play PSP games on their Android phones. It was created by Henrik Rydgard and is available for free at the play store. PPSSPP has two versions as PPSSPP Blue (Free) version and the PPSSPP Gold version. Users can enjoy Basics Features on PPSSPP free version. However, Gold lets users enjoy advanced features such as high-quality graphics, better sound, and smoother gameplay compared to the PPSSPP free version.

If you wanted to know more about the differences between the two versions then don’t forget to check out our blog section where we have a dedicated guide explaining the difference between PPSSPP Gold vs PPSSPP.

Best Settings for PPSSPP on Android

Rendering Mode

The Rendering Mode is one of the essential Settings for PPSSPP users. Its shapes, that how the emulator will display the graphics of the game. The Rendering Mode has two types, Buffered Rendering and Non-Buffered Rendering.

Rendering Mode Buffer and No Buffer

The default rendering Mode for PPSSPP is Buffered Rendering. The Buffered Rendering offers top-notch Graphics Quality but can be slower on some devices. When we talk about Non-Buffered Rendering offers faster gameplay but low graphic quality, and this option is best for low-end devices.

Therefore we recommend Buffered Rendering for High hardware devices and Non-Buffered Rendering for Low Hardware Devices. More settings for Rendering Mode are given Below.

1. Backend:

In the latest updated PPSSPP Gold version, “Backend” is the first option available in the Rendering Mode section. From there, make sure to select OpenGL instead of Vulkan if you want to have an optimized experience.

2. Software Rendering:

Keep this feature unmarked as it is by default because it consumes a lot of GPU and slows down your gameplay and might cause lag issues. But if you have a quality mobile device, then enable this feature for accurate rendering of Graphics.

Display Resolution

Another Fantastic setting option for PPSSPP on Android is Display Resolution. It help you set the quality of the graphics displayed on the Android screen. Better graphic quality requires more resources from the device.

Display Resolution

If you have high-end Hardware, We recommend setting the display resolution to Native. If you have low-end hardware, then we recommend setting the display resolution to a lower value.

Frame Skipping:

For smooth gameplay, there is a setting option called Frame Skipping, which enables the emulator to skip some frames. Frame Skipping Setting will improve the performance of the emulator on devices with low-end hardware.

Frame Skipping in display resolution

If your device has lower-end Hardware, then we recommend setting the frame skipping to auto. You can enjoy Ultra graphics quality if you have High-end Hardware devices by setting up Frame Skipping from 1 to 8.

Texture scaling

If you want to improve your Graphic quality by using PPSSPP, Then you must enable the Texture Scaling setting. It enables the emulator to scale the textures of the game to a higher resolution.

For high-end hardware devices, we recommend setting the texture scaling to 2x or 3x. However, we recommend setting the texture scaling to 1x to avoid performance issues for Lower- end Hardware Devices.

Lazy Texture Caching:

In the Graphics speed Hacks section, make sure to enable the Lazy Texture caching option, as it will help further enhance graphics quality.

Audio settings

Audio Plays an Important role in Professional Gaming. That’s why Some Top gamers choose PPSSPP Emulator. Because The PPSSPP has Top Notch Audio quality. Audio settings are essential for PPSSPP on Android.

Therefore we recommend the audio backend setting to OpenSL ES to get better sound quality. If you are facing some issues with the sound, you can easily switch to the Audio Track backend.


For playing PSP games on Android devices, PPSSPP is an excellent emulator. However, to enjoy a better gaming experience, it is necessary to configure the emulator settings correctly. In this article, we have discussed the best locations for PPSSPP on Android, such as rendering mode, display resolution, frame skipping, texture scaling, and audio settings.

These settings will enhance your gaming experience, improve your gameplay, and also help you enjoy smooth and lag-free gaming on your Android device.

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