How to fix Crash and Lag issues with PPSSPP and PPSSPP Gold Apk

Is your PPSSPP Crashing (stopped working) or blue screen is appearing with no instructions/errors? If so, then don’t worry because you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss How to fix most of the crash and glitches issues often faced in PPSSPP.

So, without wasting any time let’s get started with the first solution.

1. Update Your PPSSPP to the Latest Version

Update PPSSPP Gold to Latest verson

First of all, update your PPSSPP, and install the PPSSPP Gold Apk latest version v1.15.3 updated on 13 May 2023. Most of the issues faced previously are fixed in latest version and hopefully, if you are running an old version such as v1.14.4 or even more then this troubleshooting will fix most of your issues. To update the application, download it from our site and then Install it after allowing “Install unknown sources third-party applications” from Mobile settings.

2. Check your system specifications:

If you have updated your emulator and still facing the same issues then you should check your system specification and specific game requirements. Ensure that your system meets all the required criteria to run PPSSPP.

PPSSPP Requirments:

  • Requires Android 2.3 and Up
  • The file you are loading must be .cso or .iso
  • Your Hardware should have the capability to handle the game you are loading
  • Must Check Mobile has free Space to store Game files

If your device whether it’s Mobile or PC meets all these requirements and still Emulator is crashing then check out if it’s missing any file source. Because if a file source is missing or a file is corrupted then PPSSPP might not be able to load and could cause Crashes including Stuck Screen (Freezing) and “Stopped working”.

3. Change graphics settings

PPSSPP has a variety of graphics settings that Gamers can pinch to improve performance; however, at the same time it could cause Crashes. For, that try to adjust the rendering Mode, display resolution and texture scaling options manually to prevent crashes.

Users can select Vulkan from the graphic setting. Vulkan is often used by high-end devices as it can provide better performance and usually works well with high-end mobile devices.

Vulkan vs OpenGL in PPSSPP Settings

You can try utilizing Vulkan and see if it resolves your issue. If you are still facing the same issue with Vulkan, then as an alternative select OpenGL as it is more optimized. If this change works for you then don’t forget to go through our blog on Best Settings to Improve Performance, it will help you further optimize and enhance your Emulator Performance.

1. Disable overclocking

Overclocking can be one of the factors behind emulator crashes. Players should disable Overclocking to avoid instabilities and eventually crashes especially BSOD errors.

2. Check for overheating

One of the main reasons behind the BOSD crash is Overheating. You can make sure your laptop is not overheating while playing the game. To avoid Overheating, use a heat monitoring tool to check the temperature of your CPU and GPU.

4. Use compatibility modes

Some of the games are known to have compatibility issues with PPSSPP. To avoid errors or crashes, users can use compatibility Mode. To Enables compatibility modes, Follow these steps.

  1. Right-click on the game in the emulator
  2. Select “Properties”
  3. Then choose a different compatibility mode from the drop-down menu.

This feature can help you to resolve compatibility issues with the game and prevent crashes.

Disable other software

Sometimes other programs or software cause crashes. So before starting PPSSPP, first make sure to close all programs that run in the background. Doing this before running the emulator reduces the risk of conflicts.

5. Reinstall PPSSPP

If your issue is still not solved with any of the above steps, then you should first uninstall and then re-install any of the PPSSPP versions (Gold vs Blue) from our site. This can help you fix crash issues occurred due to corrupted/damaged files.


In the end, by applying these solutions and tips you will easily be able to diagnose and fix your emulator issues. However, if still issue is occurring than it can be due to Mobile external issues and you can leave in comment to help us assist you with!

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