PPSSPP Gold Apk v.1.15.3 is the latest Premium edition of the popular PPSSPP emulator, an open-source application with source code available in Github. The app is licensed under the GPL 2.0 (or later), allowing anyone to contribute further to enhance the experience of the Application. Currently, PPSSP basic version which is also known as PPSSPP Blue is available on our site as well on the Google Play Store. Compared to the free version, the latest PPSSPP Gold Mod v1.15.3 version has many amazing additional features that make it appealing and everyone’s favourite Emulator to play PSP games on.

About the App (Background and History)

Developed by Henrik Rydgård and initially released on 4th January 2013, PPSSPP Gold is an open-source #1 PSP emulator available for Android, macOS, Linux, iOS, and PC users that focuses on speed and portability to enhance user experience. Although PPSSPP Gold Mod is only a premium emulator available, but it doesn’t mean it has got no competition.

As of 2023, many alternatives to it, both paid and free, are also available such as RetroArch, Nostlan, JPcsp, and more, that can be used to play PSP games. However, compared to these alternatives, PPSSPP Gold offers a lot better Graphics quality and requires less hardware processing power Thanks to its optimized programming.

Information Table PPSSPP Gold Apk

Apk NamePPSSPP Gold Apk – PSP Emulator
Size23 MB
RequirementsAndroid version 2.3 and up
Worldwide Downloads100,000+ downloads
Developed ByHenrik Rydgård
Mod TypePremium Features unlocked
Last Updated14 May 2023

Comparison of PPSSPP Gold with PPSSPP

PPSSPP emulator has two versions: PPSSPP Gold and the other one is PPSSPP, also known as PPSSPP Blue. The Gold is a premium improved version of PPSSPP that is continuously updated and offers some additional features such as Resume State (Enabling gamers to save and restore gameplay on Emulator anytime), Ultra HD graphics, On-screen touch controllers and more.

From our site https://ppssppgoldsapk.com you can easily download the latest version of PPSSPP Gold (PSP Emulator) v1.15.3 for Free by clicking on Download button available on the Homepage Front for free.

If you download PPSSPP Gold Apk Mod from our site, you can get access to all the premium features, such as Saving the game while playing via resume state anytime, enjoying gameplay in Ultra HD Graphics, Advanced Level Filtering, Customization, and many more for free.

If you are interested in knowing more about the difference between PPSSPP vs PPSSPP Gold Apk then do visit our blog section.

Features of PPSSPP Gold

First of all remember that all the features present in PPSSPP are also available in PPSSPP Gold. But in Gold, you can also enjoy some additional premium features that are not available in the previous standard version.

Out of all, let’s discuss the essential features that are exclusively included in PPSSPP Gold.

Ultra HD Graphics

The first and most important feature is that it supports all the High graphics games on your Android phone. Unlike the standard PPSSPP version, Gold enables users to play games with Ultra HD Graphics. Such high-level Graphics quality enhances the level of user experience while playing their favorite PSP games.

HD Resolution and customize graphics in ppsspp gold apk

Now, I’m sure just like me as a gamer you would have thought for second if PPSSPP Gold Support HD resolution will it cause FPS fluctuation? Will my Mobile start lagging and ruin experience?
Well, don’t worry because Emulator features an Auto-Graphics Detection feature that by default adjust the graphic quality based on user Mobile hardware compatibility.

Apart from it, users can also manually adjust Graphic settings of Emulator as shown in the Image. In Graphics section of Emulator settings, plenty of filters and shaders are available that make the game look more realistic in this PSP Emulator. So in case if you have a low-end device, you can decrease the graphics quality to improve your gameplay experience and limit the FPS fluctuation.

Compatible with Games

One of the key benefit that differentiate PPSSPP Gold from its alternatives is its compatibility with most of PS1, PS2 and PS3 Games. However, based on my experience with latest v1.15.3 version it is only compatible with .iso and .cso files of PSP and doesn’t support EBOOT. PBP converted files of PSP even if they are PS1. Most of the PSP (.cso and .iso) games run smoothly on Android devices via this emulator.

Auto Save Resume Feature:

Auto Save and Resume

PPSSPP Gold offers Auto-save Feature. Well, you might be wondering what that means? This feature allows Gamers to resume the game from wherever they left off last time. The emulator automatically saves game data so that users can resume their game from the last saved point. The gold version of the emulator does also offer users to save the game data manually as well.

So depending upon your convenience, you can use PPSSPP Gold’s auto-save feature or save your game data manually whenever necessary. However, keep in mind that you won’t have access to this Resume feature if you downloaded PPSSPP Blue from Google Play Store, as this feature is a part of PPSSPP Gold Apk, which you can download from our site for free.

Variety of Languages:

choose your language in ppsspp

PPSSPP Gold features so many different languages to make every user feel like it’s their own emulator in their native language, without any distinction between people from different parts of the world.

PPSSPP Gold apk v1.15.3 is the latest version available as of now and supports more than 36 languages. So, in case if you are not comfortable playing games in English, then changing the language feature available in the emulator is here for you to improve your gameplay experience.

Excellent Performance:

You might be wondering what makes PPSSPP Gold the #1 emulator for android devices? especially when there are many other many alternatives available both free and paid ones. Well, the answer is it provides Gamers with an excellent gaming experience that they can’t enjoy with others. Unlike other Emulators that only support Android v7.0 and up, users can run PPSSPP Gold on any device with Android version 2.3 and up. It is properly optimized for low-end devices and developers of the emulator also constantly update it with new features and optimization to make it even better from a user perspective.

With everyday improvements in the UI and constantly updated features, PPSSPP Gold is definitely the best emulator for android devices. Well, if you are also open to trying PPSSPP alternatives, then below are some of the best alternatives you might want to try.

  • Lemuroid
  • RetroArch
  • Rocket PSP Emulator

High rendering Speed:

The rendering speed of PPSSPP Gold is fantastic. Most PSP games can be run using PPSSPP Gold at 60 FPS. Additionally, the user interface is so easy to use that any gamer new to the emulator can easily use it.

Customization Of Games:

game list customization

If you are uncomfortable with the default setups of PPSSPP Gold Apk, such as its UI or game controls, you can customize settings as you like. Not only the gaming controls or UI Setups, but users can also configure the sound quality, graphics quality, and even UI background animations.

This can be a pretty refreshing feature for those who are passionate about designing and want to have a customized experience.

Audio Options:

adjust audio in ppsspp gold apk

In the Gold mod version, players can mute or enable audio and alternate speed volume or change reverb volume in the PPSSPP settings.

There is another option available in the sounds tab that allows you to adjust the audio delay so that you can easily synchronize PPSSPP game audio with the game video as shown in Image. Apart from that, the emulator also features a Bluetooth-friendly buffer (slower) option that reduces game audio lag when connected with Bluetooth buffers. Don’t forget to enable this option if you are having sound delay issues while playing.

Multiplayer Option:

setup networking for multiplayer games

If you like playing with friends, then the multiplayer mode available in PPSSPP Gold is for you. You can match up with friends in the multiplayer mode both using local host systems such as wifi/hotspot or via the internet.

Keep in mind that this multiplayer option works only with multiplayer-supported games. Just like the previous version, this feature is still in Beta, so you might experience lag issue in case you don’t have a quality internet connection.

Native System Keyboard:

Setup ppsspp controls

Yes, the PPSSPP Pro apk does offer a built-in native keyboard, allowing gamers to easily type or control games that require keyboard input. In PPSSPP Gold players can map PPSSPP keyboard keys as per their comfort thanks to the Emulator advanced customization option. Even, Gamers can also use an external Bluetooth or USB gamepad or PPSSPP controller as it does support third-party Controllers.

Enable Cheats

To make PPSSPP games more interesting as well as enjoyable, PPSSPP Gold offers a built-in “Enable Cheats” feature that players can use while playing PSP games for free. Remember that this feature won’t be enabled by default in the PPSSPP Gold emulator. Users must have to enable this “Cheats” feature by going to Settings>System of PPSSPP Apk and then by Scrolling down to the bottom and tapping on the “Enable Cheats” option. After enabling PPSSPP cheats, users will be able to use PPSSPP cheat codes to enhance their gaming experience. It is worth noticing here that this built-in feature doesn’t work on all PSP Games, but it does on most.

How to Download and Install PPSSPP Gold Apk:

Downloading the PPSSPP Gold emulator Apk file is pretty easy from our site. All you have to do is to follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, you need to click on the download button above in this article.
  • Wait for the PPSSPP Gold Apk file to get downloaded on your device. The file size is pretty small, so it can take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection.
  • Now, go to the settings of your Android device and enable the “Unknown Sources” option from the security settings.
  • After enabling unknown sources permission, go to the download folder and click on the downloaded Apk file to start the installation process.
  • Wait for the process to complete installation process.
  • All done! Now, open the PPSSPP Gold emulator and start playing PPSSPP games on your android device.

Note: If any other version of PPSSPP is already installed on your device. Make sure first to uninstall it and then install PPSSPP Gold apk v1.15.3 from our site.

Pros and Cons of PPSSPP Emulator

1. Pros

  • HD Quality Graphics
  • No major glitches
  • Easy-to-understand interface (UI)
  • Support Third-Party Controllers
  • Advance Customization
  • Community Support regarding any issue

2. Cons:

  • It might not work well on low-end devices.
  • Some games might lag if you have a low-end device.

What’s newly added in latest version v1.15.3?

  • Lots of performance and compatibility fixes!
  • Many new shaders are added
  • Now Compatible with many new games
  • New languages are added, such as Ukrainian, French, German, and many more.
Can I Install and use PPSSPP Gold Apk on PC?

Yes, you can install and use the Gold Apk on your PC using emulators such as BlueStaks, Gameloop, and NoxPlayer.

Is PPSSPP Gold Apk free to download?

Yes, PPSSPP Gold Apk is absolutely available on our site and is free to download for everyone.

How to unlock premium features in PPSSPP for android?

If you download the Gold Apk from our site, you don’t need to do anything to unlock the premium features because PPSSPP Gold Apk is already a premium version, and it comes with all the premium features unlocked by default

Where can I store games’ ROM after downloading?

You can store PPSSPP game ROMs anywhere on your device. By default, it will be internal storage where PPSSPP Gold is installed, but you can also create a separate folder for PPSSPP games storage. If you want to store PPSSPP files on your SD card, you can do it too by going into PPSSPP Gold settings.

What is the difference between PPSSPP and PPSSPP gold?

Some key differences between the two include Graphics quality, rendering experience and overall gameplay performance. With PPSSPP Gold, users can Resume and save gameplay at any time while on the other hand on PPSSPP basic version you can’t.

Can I play PS2 games on the PPSSPP emulator?

Yes, PS2 games can be played on PPSSPP using PS2 ISO files. First, you have to download the actual ISO File of the game and then load it in PPSSPP.

How can I play PPSSPP online multiplayer?

PPSSPP online multiplayer is possible by connecting your android device to other PPSSPP emulator devices through Wi-Fi or a hotspot. Both PPSSPP devices must have the same game loaded in order to play PPSSPP multiplayer.

How to fix the UPnP problem in PPSSPP Multiplayer?

In order to fix the UPnP problem in PPSSPP Multiplayer, you need to go into PPSSPP settings and disable the UPnP option. This option is actually not very important, so you can disable it, and it won’t affect your gameplay performance.

PPSSPP Gold for PC

Not only on your android device. You can also enjoy your favorite PSP games on PC by downloading PPSSPP Gold on your PC (windows) or Mac. You don't need to do anything. Just click on the below Button "PPSSPP Gold for PC" it will redirect to Page where all the information are provided how you can download install and play PSP game via PPSSPP Gold emulator on your PC.


So, now you guys know everything about PPSSPP Gold Apk, what exactly it is, and how you can download, install and use it on your Android device and PC for free. In our opinion, PPSSPP Gold is definitely the best PSP emulator for both Android and PC. With a wide range of features such as Ultra HD graphics, multiple language support, and customizations, I believe it is worth downloading PPSSPP Gold Apk.